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Ayurved & Obesity Treatments

Ayurveda means literally the 'science (Veda) of longevity', but because of its divine origins I have entitled this article 'Medicine of the Gods. It was originally a Hindu medical system and had its beginnings more than two and half thousand years ago in the sixth century before the present era (or if you prefer BC.). Ayurveda soon developed outside of the strictly Hindu community and was taken up and adapted by Buddhists and other religious groups. It has survived until the present day and is in fact undergoing a renaissance both in India and throughout the western world, which sees it as a necessary compliment to the Clinical model. According to Ayurvedic medicine most people are born in a state of equipoise but quickly loose it, either through bad diet, bad treatment or moving away from the physical location most conducive to their natural constitution and temperament. Everyone is recommended to discover for themselves what the optimum conditions for them might be and to try to keep themselves on an even keel. The primary method for returning and maintaining the humours to a state of equipoise is diet. There are general recommendations of diet such as always eating hot food in the cold season etc. etc. However, more serious illness must be treated by a qualified Ayurvedic physicians, who has undergone at least seven years of training. He or she will recommended a more finely tuned diet as well as special therapeutic techniques to attempt to redress serious imbalances of the humours. Medicine has a long association with the way of the warrior. Shiva, the god blamed for spreading so many new diseases is often associated with war. Another warrior god called Indra, is said to be have given 'the science of longevity' - ¬yurveda to humanity in order to rid them of these same diseases. So one god gives another takes away. In fact Shiva and Indra are very closely related, like two sides of the same coin. Perhaps it shouldn't surprise us that those who are most skilled at inflicting pain are also the very ones to remove it again. (Plato says a similar thing in the Republic) Another more obvious, connection between ¬yurveda and the martial arts comes through its doctrine of vital points. It is perhaps more well known that Indian sexology describes a system of erogenous zones (candrakalas in Sanskrit) or points of arousal. These points are enumerated in texts such as the Kama Sutra and Ananga Ranga, erotic texts which take many of their source ideas from the medical tradition. However perhaps less well known is the counterpoint to the erogenous zones ; these are the points of vulnerability or marmas. Sushruta, who was an ancient surgeon who lived about 2000 years ago, identified about 140 marmas and some of these have been matched with corresponding pressure points in jujitsu and other martial arts.

Ayurved in Ancient India Hundreds of years ago, there was a district, Larkana in Sindh situated at the bank of Sindhu River. As it was very lonely and dangerous, it was known as Moan - jo - dado. The historical department arranged to excavate this district very systematically. From the things which were found out there, it was clear that the Sindhughati was very much developed and the rules of treatment/ therapies were followed in each work. Even the art of architecture was influenced by therapies. At the time of creation of the city, local cleanliness was given utmost importance. Ancient Ayurved from Indian earth Excavation has given a new vision to History, even if literature is one way to get knowledge about the history of Ayurved.Following facts are searched :Bhatthighar : Nalanda (Bihar state) - Bhatthighar which was found in Vishwavidyalaya area, it can be said that Ras-shala related work was carried out here.Aarogya vihaar

In the excavation of Kumrahaar in Pataliputra (Patna) district, one 'Arogya vihaar' is discovered. It seems that at ancient times one inner place where the patients could be kept for treatment. From such investigations it can be said that even before five thousand years Indians were well mannered and cultured. Black stone of Moan jo dado Indian architecture science was greatly influenced by health science. One black colored stone was found there at the time of excavation. Which, Dr. Hameed (Chemist) has examined. They investigated that the stone is Shilajeet, which has come there from mountain areas. It is useful in Urine diseases. In all the novels of Ayurved there is a mention about Shilajeet Rasayana. Mrugashrunga ( The barks of deer):Lots of barks are discovered in the escavation. These barks must have been used as medicine at ancient time. The diseases, which are hereditary, can be cured with the barks, as stated in Athrvaved. It is also used when Kapha (cough) is increased in the body. It is selling at high prices now a day. So it is very surprising that the barks of deers have been used as medicines since ancient times.Khilaune (Games)

Many games created with metal, clay were discovered in the excavation of Moan Jo da do. Description of games having different shapes like animals for developing children's humor and intellect has been given in Kashyapsanhita and Charaksanhita. So it is proved from the various things (Shilajeet, Harinashrunga etc) discovered from the excavation that Indian Bhaishaj Vidnyan was very much developed at ancient times. Agni .The concept of Agni is very peculiar to Ayurved. This Agni provides the energy necessary for all activities in our body. Biological Agni transforms the energy in the food to the energy, which can be utilised by our cells. Entire Ayurvedic therapeutics is based on this concept of Agni.Panchbhoutic Siddhanth

The concept of "Panchamahabhoota" is of vital importance to understand physiology, pathology & pharmaco-kinetics of Ayurvedic Therapeutics. Phrithwi, Aapa, Teja, Vayu and Akasha are the five (Pancha) basic elements of all matters, and collectively they are known as Panchamahabhoota. These are the smallest elements, which constitute living and non-living matters. Every thing, including medicines and living beings are made of these basic elements. Every matter contains all of these five elements.Ahaar Pachan.Learn the Ayurvedic concept of digestion. It is very interesting and comprehensive. The digestion process is dealt with respect to the ultimate goal of the science: 1) maintaining health and 2) treating disease.Dhatu Poshan.Learn the basic theory on nutrition of mind and body throughout the process of digestion.Oja.Oja is the essence of all the dhatus, which is essential for maintaining the immunological system of the body.Dosha Dhathu Mala.According to ayurved the physiological activity of the body is controlled by dosha i.e. vata, pitta and kapha. The maintenance of body is due to dhatu. Mala is the byproduct of digestion at the cellular level. Dosh dhatu and mala are the basics of the living physiology. Health and disease depends on the equilibrium and the function of this trio. Purusha.According to Ayurveda, Purusha is considered as soul (bhootatma) and the Creator (parmamatma). Read more about this interesting concept.



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